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Generation For Change CY

Vision & Mission

Generation for Change CY (GFC) is a grassroots non-profit organisation composed of individuals of different backgrounds working together and striving for a diverse and inclusive society where everyone has equitable access to opportunities in Cyprus.

Generation for Change CY is committed to positive social change through supporting vulnerable and marginalised communities – including but not limited to persons of low socioeconomic status, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and any persons facing discrimination. We seek to harness the power of diversity to advocate a fair and inclusive society.

In 2023, Generation for Change CY received the “Outstanding Social Contribution Award” from the School of Humanities and Social Science of the University of Nicosia and the Democracy Award from Politeia Cyprus.


The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something

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Marcos Pagda

Our Values
  • DIVERSITY & MUTUAL RESPECT: Valuing people’s unique contributions, recognizing and understanding differences, and celebrating diversity 
  • INCLUSIVENESS/NON-DISCRIMINATION: Working with and for all individuals, irrespective of gender, race, nationality, age, belief, ability, or any other characteristics
  • SOLIDARITY: Recognizing solidarity as an essential pillar in the efforts to combat injustice and inequality
  • INTEGRITY: To be honest, ethical, transparent, and accountable in all of our endeavors
  • CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: To value, pursue and promote creative and innovative thinking and actions
  • EQUITY & SOCIAL JUSTICE: Working to promote a more just society, while striving for equitable results in our endeavors
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Meet Our Team

Etinosa Erevbenagie-Johnbull

Founder & Managing Director

Cynthia Savvides

Founder & Integration Advisor

Orestis Papamiltiades

Programme & Integration Manager

Nicole Constantinides

Humanitarian Aid Officer

Angeliki Koureta

Education Scientific Associate

Evgenia Bartzeli

Education Coordinator

Alaa Halawi

Integration Officer

Digbeu Edgard Salomon

Football Coach

Charis Loizidis

Humanitarian Aid Officer