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Language is crucial to promoting social connections and developing an inclusive, coherent, diverse society. To assist and empower non-Greek and non-English speaking refugees and migrants living in Cyprus through language learning, Generation for Change CY has developed an online non-formal project that includes teaching and learning Greek and English -as a second language, “e-Learning for Change.” The project aims to contribute to the economic and social integration of migrants and refugees to build an inclusive, intercultural, and cohesive society.

Since our launch in May 2021, we have delivered four terms, each consisting of 12 weeks of classes, and so far, 250 students have participated in each term. Our courses are offered by our committed team of volunteer teachers, with the support of Generation for Change CY’s technical team—all coordinated by our project management team and our language project head teacher.

The courses follow a set curriculum and textbook (plus other supplementary materials) specifically designed by the Generation for Change CY team for the project.

The ‘e-Learning for Change’ project is committed to making language learning accessible to all. Our courses are free of charge and take place online, eliminating barriers such as long distances, time constraints, or caring duties. This commitment to accessibility is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and our belief in the transformative power of education.

Enrolments for each term are open

  • Autumn Term: End of August till early November
  • Spring Term: Early January till mid-March
  • Summer Term: Early April till early May

We encourage unemployed persons, women, non-binary persons, newly arrived migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and low-skilled workers to register. Participants can be informed on when registrations are open by following our social media, website announcements, and newsletters or by contacting us at +35722100794 or

The language project at a glance

  • Total: 12 weeks
  • Number of class sessions per week: 2 sessions
  • Duration of each class session: 2 hours
  • Total teaching hours each term: 48 hours
  • Classes delivered online via Zoom Meetings and Microsoft Teams (accessible through the app or browser)


01/05/2021 – 31/12/2030

Details for interested Volunteer Teachers for the project:

  • Voluntary teaching position
  • 90 minutes per week (flexible schedule) over a term of 15 weeks total, including preparation time
  • Experience and/or Qualifications are welcome but absolutely not essential
  • Your role will be to teach functional day-to-day English or Greek language to students whose mother language is either English, Arabic, or French

What we Provide:

  • Course curriculum, textbook, and other teaching materials and tools
  • Support throughout from GFC Education Coordinator
  • Technical support for the delivery of classes through Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings
  • Clear communication from the project management team
  • A supportive network of experienced teachers
  • A certificate of participation upon completion of each term
  • A fulfilling experience & a fantastic way to build new skills and relationships? while making a valuable contribution to a worthy cause!

To find out more about the project or volunteering, please contact us via email at