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Migrant children and teenagers in Europe face many challenges in language learning as they adjust to their new surroundings. These challenges include formal and informal barriers to education, which result in a lack of self-esteem that further hampers language learning and integration.

Creativity in Education to Achieve Targeted Empowerment in Second Language Learning (CREATE) framework is a valuable and practical approach for migrant teenagers to develop language proficiency and overcome challenges in adapting to a new culture and environment. It improves language skills and empowers students by fostering a growth mindset, enhancing self-esteem, and promoting belonging and inclusion in the new community.

The project’s general objective is to enhance the effectiveness of language learning in the non-formal education system and empower migrant teenagers to integrate into the host communities and the formal education system. The expected impact and long-term effect are that migrant teenagers will be confident in the host country’s language and equipped with a growth mindset, leading to increased opportunities for integration.

Specific Objectives 

The project’s primary objective is to provide language learning training to 600 (100 in Cyprus) migrant and refugee youth (ages 13 to 18) during the 30-month project. A leading international awarding organization will accredit the teaching program, and children will be tested on their language level and receive an official certificate. 

In addition, a language teaching (Greek, French, Italian, and Spanish) A1 and A2 book tailored to the migrant and refugee population will be developed, and 120 teachers will be trained on the methodology and receive a teacher’s manual.

Key Activities 

  1. Production of a brand-new methodology and educational material based on creative language learning directly targeted to migrant and refugee teenagers aged 13-18. 
  2. Development of an easy-access E-learning platform. This platform will enable teachers throughout Europe to access the training courses and educational material, empowering them to contribute to the project’s success.


  • Faros – Coordinator (Greece)
  • Glossomatheia (Greece)
  • French Red Cross (France) 
  • Generation for Change CY (Cyprus)
  • Oxfam Italia (Italy) 
  • Dedalus Cooperativa Sociale (Italy) 


01/04/2024 – 31/09/2026

Funding Program

CREATE is co-funded by the EU Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (AMIF).