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Migration and integration are issues of key importance in today’s Europe and will shape its future. Destination Europe stimulates young people’s awareness and critical thinking about migration and integration.

It is an interactive tabletop learning tool based on role-play that accommodates 4-6 players aged 16+. Over 90 minutes, they experience migration decision-making as a complex process that involves different actors with sometimes conflicting interests. They are faced with various migration challenges, first at the European Union level and then in their national and city contexts.

The tool illustrates the real-life impacts policy decisions can have on various categories of migrants and the public in the countries that receive them. It was developed by migration experts from various European countries who joined the European Migration Network.

Key Activities

  • Delivery of 10 workshops utilizing Destination Europe with 150 participants, including university and high school students and the general public. 


  • Generation for Change CY
  • European Migration Network Cyprus


01/03/2024 – 28/02/2025