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Konstantinou Palaiologou 48,
Nicosia 1015, Cyprus

+357 22100794

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program under Erasmus Plus offers volunteering opportunities to young people aged 18-30 from European and partner countries.

Through Generation for Change CY’s ESC volunteering program, we are excited to welcome six enthusiastic individuals aged 18-30 who share a passion for solidarity, social change, and justice. They will join us at our Nicosia premises in Cyprus for an immersive experience lasting up to a year (12 months). During this time, they will learn and actively contribute to helping our organization achieve its mission and goals.

The program covers basic costs like travel, accommodation, and food and provides an allowance for personal expenses. It also offers support services such as linguistic support and training. The aim is to help where needed, learn new skills, spend time in Cyprus, and create unforgettable memories.


15/03/2024 – 14/03/2026

Details For Interested Volunteers to Apply:

Interested participants can be informed on when we have available volunteering positions by following our social media and website announcements.

To learn more about the ESC volunteering opportunities at GFC, read our program handbook below, or contact us via email at for any further information.

Funding Program

The volunteering opportunity is funded under the European Solidarity Corps program.