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This project addresses the lack of integration infrastructure for migrant and refugee teenagers in Cyprus and the resulting decline in social cohesion. Football is used for youth development, promoting well-being, teamwork, physical fitness, and self-esteem. Migrant teenagers, including unaccompanied asylum-seekers, have limited access to sports and social programs in Cyprus, pushing them to the margins of society.

Tensions between local Cypriots and migrants are high, with incidents of anti-migrant violence reported. A UNHCR report indicates worsening attitudes towards migrants among Greek Cypriots, with an increase in bias-motivated violence. This includes incidents involving teenagers and young adults.

Public spaces that foster intercultural relationships are mainly absent. A UNHCR study found that a significant percentage of Greek Cypriots, particularly those aged 15-34, reported no contact or friendships with refugees or asylum seekers.

Specific Objective

  1. To advance disadvantaged teenagers’ physical and mental health and promote social cohesion and intercultural understanding through football in Cyprus.

Key Activities 

  1. Football training for underserved Teenagers;
  2. Intercultural friendly football matches between migrant and refugee team and local football academies and schools;
  3. Intercultural football tournament;
  4. Intercultural FIFA video game tournament;
  5. Anti-Racism awareness raising campaign.


  • Generation for Change CY (Coordinator)


01/04/2024 – 31/12/2024

Funding Program,

Football for Unity is receiving funding through the FIFA Foundation Community Programme, designating Generation for Change CY as a FIFA Foundation Community Programme-supported organization for the duration of the project.