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Invisible Work is a project initiated by Cypriot artist Andriana Lagoudes in collaboration with Generations for Change (GFC). The project aims to address the challenges faced by refugees and migrants in Cyprus’ labor market and confront racism and unfair treatment through a comprehensive awareness campaign.

Specific Objectives

  1. To shift the focus from text to visual storytelling in raising awareness about the rights of refugees and migrants. 
  2. To engage key stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Labor, the Ombudswoman Office, the labor union, and Civil Society Organizations, urging them to rectify exploitative conditions for migrant and refugee workers. Furthermore,
  3. Encourage the cultural and activist sector to engage in anti-racist work. 

Key Activities

  1. Conduction of primary and secondary research exploring the experiences of migrant and refugee workers in Cyprus.
  2. Production of three A1-sized posters documenting the experiences of migrants and refugees in the Cypriot labor market. 
  3. Implementation of an online and physical awareness campaign targeting labor market stakeholders, the cultural sector, and the wider Cypriot public.


  • Andriana Lagoudes 
  • Generation for Change CY


01/03/2024 – 05/09/2024

Funding Program

The project is funded by the European Union, Civil Society Initiative, and the Management Centre of the Mediterranean.