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In our aim to advocate for a fair and inclusive society, we work with vulnerable and marginalized communities, channeling their grievances and voices to make sure they are heard. Through advocacy and awareness-raising activities, we highlight discriminatory practice and policies as well as the tools and mechanisms available to confront these.

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Professionals and trainers working with people of migrant backgrounds (hereafter referred to as professionals) play a crucial role in developing digital capacities and facilitating the digital inclusion of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. The current digital transformation requires prioritizing the digital inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. This means directing efforts to ensure that every EU citizen, including those at risk of exclusion, can access and use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). 

Moreover, a rising number of public and social services and job opportunities are transferred online. Digital transformation offers critical advantages for EU citizens, leading to more efficient and effective access to services and facilitating wider communication. However, due to the digital divide, rapid digitalization risks leaving behind migrants from vital services, opportunities, and information.

Specific Objectives

  1. To advance professionals’ teaching and training abilities and competencies regarding migrants’ digital skills and literacy.
  2. Enhance refugees’ and migrants’ online access to services and opportunities integral to integration, including the labor market, public offices, and educational and social activities.

Key Activities the Listed Objectives

  1. Desk research and focus groups in Greece and Cyprus to collect data and assess digital literacy and skills development needs;
  2. Create a digital guide on the ICT skills development of migrants;
  3. Delivery of training of professionals in Greece and Cyprus on ICT skills development using the guide as a base;
  4. Delivery of workshops to improve migrants’ digital skills and literacy.


  • Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity – Coordinator (Greece)
  • Generation for Change CY (Cyprus)


01/04/2024 – 31/05/2025

Funding Program

The project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program.